our materials


Which materials? First of all, our mind, our hands and our heart. Everything is designed and made by the four of us, with passion and care.

The Blitzen houses are made of wood. We mainly use marine plywood of Spruce, phenolic, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Before being assembled, our products have a first hand sanding and the rounding of most of the edges. We do the assembly, gluing the various pieces with acrylic glue (hydro-resistant for outdoor, non-toxic). About the nailing, we use antirust nails with rounded head and threaded stem in stainless steel. The nails are of the highest quality, specially bought from Japan.

Roofs are in plywood of mahogany, precious wood. The mahogany strips, as well as being aesthetically very appealing are also a very comfortable scratching post. That’s loved by cats, keeping their claws away from your sofa.


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