Bat Box – Inspectable House for Bats




Resistant to moisture and vapors


Built to adapt to any climate


Non-allergenic and Non-toxic materials

Precious materials

Nails from Japan and top quality wood


Design and Realization in our laboratory


Add the name of your pet and beautiful handmade decorations

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Bat Box – Inspectable House for Bats

What bat boxes are: Wooden houses, ready to use, specially designed to offer shelter to our friends bats, predators of mosquitoes.

What they are for: bats are used to protect ourselves from mosquitoes, naturally maintaining the balance of nature.

Measurements: height cm.48 x width cm.30 x thickness cm.5.


The Blitzen bat box is designed and built to attract bats naturally.

The bat box is provided with a hole for hanging ; it is delivered already assembled with instructions for positioning.

It’s purpose? Approaching bats to your home, so that during the night their range of action can cover your home.

Our bat box is equipped with internal grips and lateral micro-cracks which increase the internal ventilation. Without air recirculation, in fact, the bat would immediately abandon the shelter.


The bat box is entirely handmade in marine pine plywood. The nails, all non-toxic and anti-rust, are specially selected and come from Japan and the United States. During assembly, all parts are smoothed by hand and glued with odorless glue, then fixed with anti-rust nails. The marine plywood of spruce is rounded and polished to guarantee a very long life. At the end of the process, the Blitzen Original brand is imprinted.


Bat Boxes can be placed all year round, even when bats are hibernating. If the box is placed before the end of hibernation, in fact, it will integrate more to the surrounding environment. We have observed that many of our boxes have been inhabited by young specimens from April to December; the same bats are back in the houses year after year.


The city of Sacile, next to the Alps, chose Bltzen to shelter the bats of its territory.

We are proud that a public park, the Consorzio Parco delle Biodiversità Del Lura in Codorago, near Como, has also chosen our bat boxes to increase the population of bats. Thank you!

Very glad that even the Municipality of San Mauro Torinese has chosen the Blitzen Original bat boxes to defend against mosquitoes.

Our Bat Boxes are inhabited by lots of happy bats all over Europe.

Are the products really handmade?

Yes, we do everything in our laboratory, from the idea to the realization.

Are the used paints safe?

Yes, our paints, our colors and our materials are all non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

What are the delivery time?

Delivery times are 10 days. You will see the progress of the shipment through a link that we will send you as soon as you have made the order.

Are your products delivered already assembled?

Yes, we personally assemble all the products and we pack them ready to be positioned.

Is there a guarantee on your products?

Yes, all our products are covered by a two year guarrantee.

We are set designers of the animals

Andrea and Chiara are set designers. They have worked for the most important theaters of Italy and some of the most important amusement parks of Europe.

When they come back home from their workshop, there are their cats and dogs waiting for them. It is for them that the first Blitzen houses were born.

And then? Well, there are two family friends: Nicola and Alberto, brothers. Nicola works wood and manages logistics. Alberto takes care of the communication. They live with Mirta, a completely black Lessinia sheepdog.

Our atelier is in an old cabinetmaker’s shop of the early 1900s’, in the beautiful hills of Lake Garda. Between our paintings and statues, we give shape and color to the Blitzen cat&dog-houses.

Shipping your Blitzen product

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The packages are shipped within 10 working days, after receipt of payment, and sent by express courier.

Upon registration of the order, we will send you a link to check the path of your package online.

We remind you that our items are sent already perfectly assembled. Blitzen packaging is designed for maximum protection of your product.